(MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Nowadays, the telecom industry is wrought with news of everyone jumping in bed with one another, and it doesnt render much talk of dividing, sectioning or splitting anything.

Gemini to the rescue!

Everyone knows that Gemini is represented by the twins thats double the fun two personalities, two sides to every story, two egos, two tempers, two senses of humor you get the point. More importantly, Gemini is known as the chat sign, making networking the signs strong suit. You can find a Gemini happily gallivanting about at a trade show hes the youthful, eloquent chap that tends to know a little bit about everything. But be careful! That dual personality may have him talking out both sides of his mouth!


Express to you from the halls of Virgo Publishing are the quintessential Gemini twins, Cara Sievers and Kelly Teal. One says po-TAY-to, and one says po-TAH-to, but they were hired only a week apart, and share an unabating love for words, wit and wine!

Cara Sievers,
Managing Editor, PHONE+
(JUNE 15, 1978)

Band youd be a groupie for?

U2 or Jump Little Children

Favorite indulgence? Facials

Cartoon character that best represents you? Ziggy

Greatest annoyance? When people pronounce Illinois as ILL-UH-NOISE, or when someone leaves 2 seconds on the microwave and doesnt press CLEAR.

Song you love but wish you hated?

Blame it on the Rain Milli Vanilli

Kelly M. Teal,
Online Editor
(JUNE 21, 1976)

Band youd be a groupie for?
Neko Case or the Foo Fighters

Favorite indulgence?
Weekend getaways

Cartoon character that best represents you?
Part Powerpuff Girls Blossom, part SpongeBob SquarePants

Greatest annoyance?
Misspelled/misused words (then/than, youre/your, their/there/theyre, etc.)

Song you love but wish you hated?
Dont Stop Believing Journey

Best Day to Quit Your Job:

JUNE 7 (Bring your resume to GLOBALCOMM!)

Best Day to Apply for a Second Mortgage: JUNE 16

Best Day to Buy Salami: JUNE 22

Planetary Prediction: McDonalds will someday rule the world! Nearly 200 billion avid McCustomers cant be wrong. And now that Mickey Ds is serving up McWi-Fi, people never have to leave!

Tele-Scope Submissions:

If youre up for lampooning your buddy for his or her birthday and would like to see him or her featured in this column, send me a name, company name, date of birth and some good dirt!

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