(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

Lady in red; little red Corvette; red skies at night; red wine. All good things, right? Well, the bad news for you, Aries, is that red is your ruling color; and this month, especially Saturday, the 15th, will have you seeing red and possibly in the red. The good news is that Aries ruling body part is the head, which, as we all know, contains the brain. So, use that quick wit and assertiveness to stick it to the man! But dont end up like Willie Nelson it took him a while to get back on the road again.


Ernie Kelly

(APRIL 17, 1950)

Telecom Aries Ernest B. Kelly has been involved in the telecommunications industry for more than 32 years, most recently as senior adviser to The KDW Group LLC. He also is the executive director of the Agent Alliance. In 1993, Kelly was named as the head of the Telecommunications Resellers Association, a startup organization that in 2000 became ASCENT, of which he was also president. This leader, lobbyist and pioneer also is known to friends in the industry by his nom-de-plume, Lance Sterling.

Best Day to Surf the Internet Instead of Working: APRIL 5
Best Day to Rethink Your Channel Strategy: APRIL 12
Best Day to Kiss Up: APRIL 20

Planetary Prediction: One out of every four of your co-workers thinks youre incompetent and secretly refuses to work with you toward a common goal. Thats 25 percent, which means if your common goal was to drive to the grocery store, and your co-workers were the wheels of your vehicle, youd be up on blocks in some rednecks yard until your transmission rusted up and fell out your rear. OUCH!

Try to prove your worth this month.

Tele-Scope Submissions: If youre up for lampooning your buddy for his or her birthday and would like to see him or her featured in this column, send me a name, company name, date of birth and some good dirt!

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