(FEB. 19 – MARCH 20)

You can lead a Piscean to work, but you cant make him think.

Pisces is known as the eternal yes-man a weak-willed follower with unshaken loyalty every corporate recruiters dream hire.

If you dont already have this reputation, start working to avoid it. Pisceans usually are concerned more with other peoples ideas and well-being than with their own; and they harbor deep-seated feelings of modesty, empathy and compassion. As a Piscean, you would make a great middlemanager because of your concern for the big picture youre more strategic than tactical, and would rather let someone else deal with the details on the way to achieving a collective goal.

Take care not to lose focus especially when your team needs you most! … As a fish, you are more likely interested in things going on outside of your bowl than the cloudy water you swim in and the shipwreck you call home.


Alexander Graham Bell

(MARCH 3, 1847 – AUG. 2, 1922)

Inventor Alexander Graham Bell embodies a quintessential Piscean trait, as one of the most prolific and imaginative visionaries in our history. Known as the inventor of the telephone, Bell also dabbled in genetics, artificial respiration, water distillation, airplanes and even sheep-breeding. Bell also helped found the National Geographic Society in 1888, and, throughout his career in science, was granted 18 patents in various fields. Interestingly, Bell, like his father, was originally a teacher of the deaf Bells mother and wife were also deaf.

When Bell died in 1922, all telephones in the United States and Canada that were serviced by Bell Telephone, went dead for one minute in his honor.

Best Day

for Cold-Calling: MARCH 14
Best Day to Ask for a Raise: MARCH 30
Best Day to Tell Your Boss his Sports Coat is Out of Style: Any Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m.

Planetary Prediction:

Your phone will ring today.

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