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Okay, Scorpio, its finally your turn. If youre a Scorpio, chances are youve been really jealous of the other signs being the spotlight all year long. And, now you can finally stop obsessing. Fact: If we collected all of the detectives, both fictional and real, throughout the history of the world, and locked them in a room, and deprived them of water, food and cellular phones they still couldnt unravel the mystery of a Scorpio. And, on top of that, Scorpios, themselves, crave mystery in their lives. They are puzzle people, problem solvers, enigma enthusiasts. By working in the telecommunications industry, you probably know several techie Scorpios. In fact, more than 75 percent of IT departments in the United States are predominantly Scorpio. (Well, not really I made that up but I wouldnt be surprised!)


TED TURNER (NOV. 19, 1938)

In the late 80s, Janet Jackson sang a song about Control. Although she didnt know it at the time, she was singing about Ted Turner. In 1980, Turner inaugurated CNN, the worlds first 24/7news network; and in 1982, he debuted a second all-news network, Headline News. In 1985, Turner launched CNN International, a global news service distributed in hundreds of countries. Turner Broadcasting then acquired the MGM library of film and television properties, which later served as a programming source for TNT, launched in 1988. Turner even found time in the 80s to start the Goodwill Games, an international multisport competition. On into the 90s, TBS launched the Cartoon Network, and then merged with New Line Cinema, provoking the launch of the Turner Classic Movies network. Expansion continued with CNNRadio, CNN Airport Network and CNN en Español. Through acquisitions and partnerships, Turner had his hands in everything from Home Box Office, Cinemax, Comedy Central, Court TV and AOL Time Warner to the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. His philanthropic activities include the Turner Foundation Inc., the Turner Community Youth Development Initiative and the Turner Endangered Species Fund. He even has a chain of restaurants, Teds Montana Grill (the fact they havent opened in Montana yet is beside the point). Anyway, Parker Brothers has this game you may have played it but it contains a jail, a community chest, a thimble and a dog that looks like Toto and only one person can win. Nuff said. Although, I seriously wonder when theyll give up the railroad trading and switch it to a handful of telecommunications or media properties. I hear theyre changing the real estate properties why not? Seems fitting, right?

Best Day to Go Huntin: NOV. 10
Best Day to Watch Football: NOV. 24
Best Day to Call Your Cousin: NOV. 30

Planetary Prediction: This month, you will hear someone say, Ahhh, must be all that Tryptophan that is making me so sleepy.

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