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What do I have to do to send you home in this beautiful late-model PHONE+ magazine today? Libra is the charmer, the sweet-talker and the salesman of the Zodiac. Thats right, partners, agents and resellers if youre a Libra, youve got the gift!

Like its ruling planet, Venus, Libra is known to be a little tricky. Astronomers once thought that Venus was much like its sister planet, Earth, and most likely was host to similar plant and animal life. However, upon further examination and discovery, researchers found that Venus may be the least hospitable planet in our solar system. Also of note is that one day on Venus is equal to 243 Earth days this may explain the slow-going, indecisive nature of Libra.

But that doesnt mean your Libra liaisons will always be calm and laid-back. Since Librans are ruled by their kidneys, its no surprise that these characters are mostly known for being full of piss and vinegar.



Diplomatic, peaceable and idealistic these three Libran characteristics describe telecom Libra Jimmy Carter. The 2002 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and 39th U.S. president, who served 1977-1981, is a well-known author and humanitarian, most recognized for his postpresidency work with Habitat for Humanity. The former Georgia governor definitely made his mark in telecom by pushing the antitrust suit against AT&T, eventually leading to the breakup of Ma Bell. The Carter Administration deregulated communications, and several other industries, planting the seed for the booming, competitive economy of the coming decades. Additionally, Carter signed the Public Telecommunications Financing Act of 1978, relating to long-term financing for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and rallying behind certain grant programs for public telecommunications. Among the many benefits of supporting public broadcasting that Carter championed, one advantage was that it has pioneered such innovations as captioning for the deaf, subchannel reading services for the visually impaired, and signal transmission by satellite, Carter said. Carter most recently has been seen in the telecom arena speaking out against warrantless wiretapping as an extreme violation of Americans privacy.

Best Day to Fly to Florida (See You at COMPTEL!): OCT. 7
Best Day to Take the First of 12 Steps: OCT. 20
Best Day to Talk Like a Parrot: OCT. 29

Planetary Prediction: If you can tell the slope is slippery, its probably too late.

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