TAG, You’re It

Posted: 10/1999

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TAG, You’re It

Khali HendersonIf
you’ve ever taken the time to read PHONE+’s tagline (it’s underneath the logo on the cover
… go ahead and take a look), you’ll see that it’s not only a trade magazine for carriers
and resellers, but for agents as well.

Uniquely, PHONE+ devotes a portion of its monthly coverage, including a standing
feature article, to agent issues. PHONE+ also is the sponsor of the premiere event for
agents only, the AgENt Conference & Expo. As you read this, we will have concluded our
seventh such event in Philadelphia.

At that show, we unveiled yet another information and networking tool exclusively for
agents. It’s called TAG, the Telecom Agents Group, and it’s a free membership organization
for network services agents. TAG as a brand is not new, but the benefits to its members
are completely updated. Facilitated through a website (, TAG offers
agents information, including supplier news, program profiles, vendor promotions and more.
In addition, members receive a weekly e-mail newsletter, TAGzine, with the week’s news,
special announcements and an invitation to sound off on The Question of the Week.

Telecom Agents GroupThe
TAG website has been developed as a networking tool for agents and their suppliers–a
quick and easy way to keep up with the market in between visits to the spring and fall
AgENt Expo. (By the way, the next one is April 2-4, 2000, in Las Vegas.) Furthermore, we
have a full-time editor, Jill Collins, who is devoted to keeping the site current with the
information agents and their suppliers need to know. Jill is a recent edition to the
PHONE+ editorial staff as its agent channel editor. Some of you may recognize her as the
educational coordinator for the AgENt Conference & Expo–a role she will continue in
her new post. If you are an agent or a provider and have questions about TAG or tidbits to
share, contact Jill at or +1
480 990 1101, ext. 1273.

Khali Henderson


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