Star2Star Snags ScanSource Channel Vet, Accelerates Partner Strategy


… how they can participate in the revenue service streams and how deep the product goes, and how wide the portfolio goes. So mine will be very early and often evangelizing this story to the UC partners that I know, and striking new alliances and partnerships.

CP: How will these strategies that you’re pursuing impact Star2Star and give it a competitive advantage?

MM: Let’s frame this in terms of the market. The enterprise market is about 2% – maybe 3% – penetration in terms of the UC solutions. The midmarket is in the range of about 12%, if I remember some data that we’ve looked at. Our solution is a simplified SaaS cloud-based solution, which is all about the enterprise in the midmarket. I think our ability to execute in those markets through the channel partners, and the relationships that we’re currently launching and building will provide us a competitive advantage. When you combine our technology set with our retention rate and customer satisfaction, and the channel model that we provide to our channel partners in terms of revenue growth margin and value proposition relative to their end customers, I think we have a distinct competitive advantage relative to our competition.

Today, we’re growing in the high 20-30% range and this is all about accelerating into market space that we’re already in, but putting on the throttle and going from second gear to third or fourth gear. It allows us to claim that much broader market and it takes us more aggressively into verticals that we’ve already been in; we just haven’t tapped them aggressively as much as we can. We’ve got a distinct advantage, and all it really means is accelerated growth for both our channel partners and the programs were putting in place with them, and of course, expanding our business.

RL:  One thing to add would be around the flexibility of the partnering models and then the second thing would be around the actual support and enablement of those partners … how we get them trained, how we work with them on delivering and creating leads and demand, and then are side by side with them through the whole implementation process to get our partners up and going. I’ve really not seen anything quite like it, so that’s another distinction we have.

CP: What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year?

RL: We will add partners this year, no doubt. We will build partnerships and strike more alliances, and will add to the partner portfolio. But we’ve got a great opportunity with the hundreds of partners that we already have to go in and amplify and continue to grow our enablement with them, and we’re looking forward to rekindling some of those partnerships and really amplifying those. There’s a big market out there and there are a lot of partners that are already doing communications business and they need to hear this story.

MM: I want to expand the ecosystem of partners that we have beyond not only our channel partners, but also expand our relationships with some key technology partners in the areas of IoT and integration, and AI. Obviously, we want to continue expanding what’s happening in the virtual desktop space. It’s important because it creates incrementally more value for our customers [and] it creates more market opportunity for our channel partners.

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