Star2Star Snags ScanSource Channel Vet, Accelerates Partner Strategy


… go evangelize that story, and while that is a big piece of our business, the resale-wholesale model, there’s a story to be told to a lot of typical UC VARs that have sold more premises-based, IPX-based solutions, and each of them have probably adopted some of the cloud suppliers by now, but are looking to participate in a deeper service role than they are today. So that’s an opportunity we want to capitalize on because we’ve got a really solid story there and I’m excited to amplify that story as part of my role.

CP: What types of partnerships will you be involved in?

RL: It’s not limited to distributors or other alliances like that, but I think that those will be key markets for us to exploit or take advantage of, or put more focus on. I will be working also with the master agents and agents, and trying to help accelerate the effort there, but also using the UC reseller base that we all know and going out to them individually, ones that I know through other alliances and of course, taking part in all the upcoming shows.

CP: What’s the status of the channel strategy/program you’ve been pursuing?

Mick Miralis: There’s a strong strategic relationship between Star2Star and Citrix, and the opportunity arose for me to come over to Star2Star and build this business. I’m now responsible for accelerating our midmarket and enterprise growth from a partner perspective. I’m focused on building a channel team that is laser-focused on identifying those partners and going to market with those partners that are all about the midmarket and enterprise. We’ve already got an existing team, but I’m bringing in some new people with experience in the financial vertical, in the health care vertical and bringing MSPs to market, and our go-to-market approach is engaging with partners and enabling them to develop a go-to-market strategy. We develop a go-to-market plan with our partners around their perspective verticals and … help them go to market from a marketing-demand generation perspective, solution perspective. Our channel reps work directly with those partners all the way through to their end customer to enable and assist them. On the flip side, we are developing an ecosystem of partners that creates new market opportunity for our channel partners. Citrix is an excellent example. Citrix is a phenomenal solution … they’re all about the intelligent workspace and that represents major opportunity for our channel partners who historically may not have sold or engaged in the Citrix or virtual desktop space. So by us partnering with Citrix and working very closely with their development team, we’re taking our integrated communications platform and integrating it all the way through to virtualized applications, and that enables our partners now to go to a higher end of the financial sector or the health care segment, the Fortune 500, they all use Citrix, and that creates new market opportunities for them. So we’re focused on how they market, brand and penetrate those markets, accelerating them, but also delivering value to our strategic partnerships such as Citrix.

CP: What’s at the top of your to-do list?

RL: Aside from getting my calendaring down and booking flights to shows, it’s really doing the outreach to the partners that I know and worked with in the past, and starting to evangelize this story, and by that I mean it’s not a technology story to tell these UC partners in particular; they know UC in and out. It’s a bit different from the story Mick was telling; it’s a big more about …

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