Sprint Talks Channel Rebrand, Cloud UC Future



… our Smart UC solution. We also have a conversational SMS solution that’s driven by artificial intelligence, so this is Sprint Business’ first artificial-intelligence solution. There are some really exciting things going on. We think a lot of these will really benefit the channel because they are things you can only get through Sprint, and also, when we go out and talk to customers about how they want to collaborate with employees and how they want to engage with their customers, it’s always about digitization and how we can mesh different channels of communication and how we can make sure those solutions are secure and integrated with all the applications that you’ve got on-site.

CG: Drill down on that a little more. How can partners and customers take advantage of this opportunity?

SG: Everything in my portfolio will be able to be sold through the channel. We have a team of sales and sales-engineering specialists to help the channel find opportunities, to document and manage discovery and to sell those deals. And what we’ve done over the last six months is we’ve rationalized our portfolio so [partners] have the right set of solutions for customers from a UC and customer-engagement perspective. Our core solutions are really around UC, collaboration and contact center. We’re Google’s biggest service-provider partner; we’re Microsoft’s biggest service-provider partner in the U.S., so we really have a ton of momentum around these solutions. Sprint Business’ fastest-growing solutions are in my portfolio.

We’re working with [Cisco] on some really innovative partnerships that will allow the 20,000 Cisco reps around the world to sell cloud UC solutions, in addition to being able to help the indirect channel that may have WebEx Teams and WebEx Meetings but doesn’t have PSTN connectivity, and there’s no true Cisco cloud solution on the market — they’ll be able to sell [Sprint cloud UC] through service providers with our partnership with Cisco. So we’re really excited about that.  … We’re getting to a really interesting point of differentiation both for customers and for the channel.

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