Sprint Talks Channel Rebrand, Cloud UC Future



… team all B2B wireline solutions with our indirect and direct sellers working together. The important thing about this besides it being cool that direct and indirect teams are working together – it eliminates channel conflict – Sprint’s also going to compensate our partners 100-percent commission in the teaming. And we’re also on the verge of launching a revitalization incentive in the channel. We’re out there as a tier-one global carrier. We’re adding new service offerings. We’ve got a great teaming program and we’re going to be offering incentives, so I’m pretty excited about our future in the channel.

KM: We know that products will be a big part of Sprint’s road map going forward. At our show, you unveiled Smart UC powered by BroadSoft. This is a part of Sprint’s larger Smart Communications platform. Can you tell us what that platform is all about?

Sprint's Sasha Gorman

Sprint’s Sasha Gorman

Sasha Gorman: In my group, we’ve got product managers, project managers, sales specialists and sales-engineering specialists. All of these folks are working together as a small group intending to come up with interesting ideas that we’ve seen in the market and then bring them out both to our own sales force and to our channel partners more quickly. … The launch of my first product in this group is our Smart UC solution powered by BroadSoft that we’ve developed very heavily on top of. So it’s completely a white-labeled solution. The objective here is to address some shortcomings I’ve seen in the UC market … as we’ve moved into the upper end of the midsize and enterprise companies really embracing cloud solutions, the reasons those companies are coming to service providers – and if you look at just that market segment, it’s a little over 40 percent of that market segment that wants to purchase from service providers – in my view, that’s around issues of scalability, security and reliability. There’s the expectation when you go to a tier-one provider, you’re going to have telco-grade reliability.

… Broadsoft is by far the largest cloud UC solution on the market. I think a testament to that strategy [of Sprint choosing BroadSoft] is that after we decided to go down that path with BroadSoft, BroadSoft was acquired by Cisco. You think of Cisco as the most secure, most reliable, route-switch communications solution on the market, but not one that I would say has been sophisticated when it comes to cloud strategy. BroadSoft really fills a gap that was in the Cisco portfolio, and where we gained differentiation is that we developed heavily on top of that solution to address things like endpoint protection … issues of mobility-first, so having a Sprint-branded client that can be on a smartphone, on a tablet, being able to enable a completely distributed mobile workforce and have that link seamlessly with brick-and-mortar facilities.

… In this portfolio, we also have Sprint’s SIP solutions … so we’re actually rebuilding our entire SIP environment so we can SMS-enable every phone number that goes through that environment. We’re having our entire SIP run through Sprint’s IMS core so we can invite additional services like call recording, real-time speech analytics, voice biometrics, identiyy and authentication services. [They] will all run through this same network that undergirds our SIP environment. And then we’re building additional applications on top of it like …

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