Sophos Channel Chief: Security Partners Needed More than Ever


they are going to their partners and saying, “Provide me services so that you’re my security consultant; provide me services so that you’re my full managed security partner. So there [are] various levels and ways that they can be their security expertise. It does provide a great opportunity for them.

CP: Is your partner community growing as more partners want to enter security?

KK: I think we are growing because of two really innovative ways that we’re developing our products. One is the innovation that we’re building in deep-learning malware detection. So purchasing the company and the technology of Invincea, that we acquired back in February — and we’ve actually just recently released our Sophos Intercept X Early Access Program in which we’re providing that technology into it. And so that is driving not only existing partner growth, but also driving new partners coming to Sophos for that technology.

The second piece that’s really driving it is our synchronized security technology, and basically partners want to learn and become experts in it. And they see the benefit of providing the shared intelligence between network security and endpoint security. And with zero-day malware and ransomware increasing, not only do customers have to worry about what they have in network security, but they also have to look at “what do I have at the endpoint” and “what do I have on my server,” and “what do I have on my mobile, and wouldn’t it be great if they were all managed from one pane of glass?” which Sophos offers. And then we take that one step further and provide a synchronization of intelligence and security across those platforms, and that makes those individual endpoints that much more secure and more intelligent. Those two things are really driving our growth in the number of partners that we have and partners selling synchronized security. We doubled the number of synchronized security accredited partners in six months, so it really shows that we’re doing something right and partners are looking to quickly get up to speed on the most innovative solutions.

CP: Is 2018 going to be Sophos’ biggest year yet in terms of partner participation, capabilities, demand, etc.?

KK: We’re constantly innovating in that area. We’re constantly providing additional tools for our partners and additional products for our partners to sell because this market is growing and we’re going to continue to grow with it. And so I do definitely see a lot of growth in the number of partners, and the tools and needs, and services that those partners deliver. The biggest example of that is our MSP program, which has been growing tremendously and partners are loving that they can have these innovative products with the Intercept X, with the machine learning and our XG Firewall, and be able to manage that across a single pane of glass, and be able to have synchronized security with it — and then from one platform they can manage all of their customers.

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