SolarWinds MSP SVP: Layered Security Approach Needed



… the platform to use that single pane of glass to make your jobs more efficient? What can we automate; what can we do to make you more profitable? They know what their pain points are and they’re not afraid to express it.

The No. 1 reason why a MSP will be lose a customer, whether it’s in the United States, Canada or in Europe, is if there’s a security issue, if there’s a breach or if they feel like the MSP did not do what they needed to do to protect their assets, their data, their property. That’s universal, so anything we can do to help them to safeguard against that and reassure their customers that they’re doing everything they need to do make sure that they’re compliant, and that their information and property is safe, the better for them.

CP: Is your overall business/product/channel strategy evolving each year?

JP: We have a few pillars that are long-lasting. This notion about empowering our MSPs and fueling their success — that’s the foundation. And then one of the pillars is definitely security and where that story’s going, and the next one’s around automation. So we invest in remote monitoring and management (RMM) for the different levels of automation to make our customers’ technicians more efficient. We can automate some of the low-level stuff so that the MSPs can focus a little it more on the business initiatives and business-continuity things, [the] more the better for them.

Integrating in the ecosystem is another pillar. With the pace of change and the way technology is changing, we want to leverage all the technology of SolarWinds, but we also want to partner and pull in different folks. We have Bitdefender that does our antivirus, and we’ll continue to look at partners to bring in to do integrations so that our partners are getting the best of the technology that’s out there.

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