SolarWinds MSP SVP: Layered Security Approach Needed


… investment and a different level of interaction,with this MSSP helping provide that bridge.

CP: What’s the overall message being conveyed to partners at this conference?

JP: For me, it’s really around this idea of partnering. The change in technology is actually accelerating; it’s getting faster. But the speed of change is the slowest it will ever be in our lifetime. And it’s pretty much a daunting statement. We’re running as hard as we can and these MSPs are running as hard as they can to keep up with what’s going on, whether it be security or compliance, or even just from the latest technological innovations. So for me my message is really, “Hey, choose a partner that’s investing in you, that helps make your business foolproof.” And that foolproof lens is really two-pronged. So I want them to think about partnering on the technology front, and then also partnering on the business front.

(Our) MSP Institute is probably the world’s largest collection of resources for the MSP that focuses on different tracks: a technical track, a security track, a sales and marketing track, and then an overall business track. We want to take some of those lessons learned and pass [them] on to our partners. Our partners grow and we grow, so we’re completely aligned. We’re doing a bunch of things that focus on the MSP, their business, their experience and also on the technology side.

CP: From the regulation perspective, with GDPR and California’s data protection law, what has that meant to your MSP partners and how do you help them with that?

JP: When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) popped up on the radar, [we had a] task force that made sure we were ahead and we put a program in place … to make sure that, No. 1, we were compliant, and No. 2, spent a good amount of time educating our ecosystem, our partners and our distributors, to make sure they knew what it meant for them as far as our technology — but also for their business. We have the means; that’s one of the things of being part of the greater SolarWinds family. We can leverage those resources so when there’s a compliance issue or new regulation, we’re able to assess the impact and get on it, and make sure our customers are safe, and there shouldn’t be any roadblock to their business.

CP: What’s the latest in terms of feedback from partners as far as what their hearing from their SMB customers?

JP: My favorite thing about the conference is to walk around and actually talk to the partners, and each unique conversation for me is beneficial, but it’s also sort of a quilt where you have to stitch together conversations and a theme starts to emerge. It’s probably too early on in the conference to tell you what that theme is. We ask them what can we do to help you be more successful. What are things you’re finding success selling to the market? What would be useful if we wanted to take some technology and integrate that into …

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