SolarWinds MSP SVP: Layered Security Approach Needed



SOLARWINDS MSP EMPOWER MSP — At its fall 2017 conference, SolarWinds MSP stressed the need for MSPs to become managed security service providers (MSSPs), becoming their clients’ trusted advisers while increasing their own profit.

At its latest Empower MSP conference this week in Scottsdale, Arizona, SolarWinds MSP unveiled its new Threat Monitoring Service ProgramThe new offering builds on SolarWinds Threat Monitor with outsourced security operations center (SOC) services delivered via SolarWinds Threat Monitoring Service Providers (TMSP), which so far include Falanx Group and Secuvant.

John Pagliuca, SolarWinds MSP’s senior vice president, now says not every MSP is cut out to become an MSSP, so a more layered approach is needed in terms of providing cybersecurity to MSPs.

SolarWinds MSP's John Pagliuca

SolarWinds MSP’s John Pagliuca

SolarWinds gained Threat Monitor through its acquisition this summer of Trusted Metrics, a provider of real-time threat monitoring and management software.

Malware has led to the “democratization” of cybercrime, with attackers no longer targeting large corporations, instead going after the “soft underbelly” of SMB, Pagliuca said.

“That SMB is expecting you to protect their data, their property,” he said. “SolarWinds can do this.”

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Pagliuca talks about his company’s increasing focus on cybersecurity and the uphill battles facing MSPs.

Channel Partners: What sort of growth has SolarWinds MSP and its partners experienced since last fall’s partner conference?

John Pagliuca: The pace of change is starting to accelerate from a growth point of view, even from our customer acquisitions. The number of customers that we’ve been acquiring is at a healthier clip and much ahead of last year. We’re seeing a lot of demand and we have great visibility into what our customers are doing and what their customers are doing. So we’re seeing device growth, an uptick in different types of adoption — in particular, a lot of security uptick and security adoption. And by all indicators, the channel seems to be pretty healthy.

Here’s our most recent list of new products and services being offered by agents, VARs, MSPs and other channel partners.

Probably the biggest thing and one of the more exciting things that I’m looking forward to is the Threat Monitor. When we talk to the customers and we hear about their pain points and why they might be losing customers, there’s definitely that growth that needs to be happening with some of our MSPs really starting to become more of that trusted adviser. Before it was just focused on “protect,” but with Threat Monitor we can get them to more of a protect-detect, and help them even with the response.

CP: Can you talk more about the significance of Threat Monitor? Does this indicate an increased emphasis on cybersecurity?

JP: I think the nuance and shift in strategy this year is we’re saying, “Hey, yes, (becoming a MSSP) might be true for some, but that might not be true for all. If you want to become a MSSP, you might need to invest in a SOC and security-type professionals, but if that’s not your path, you still need to branch out and offer that business continuity and protection for your end customer, so there [are] alternative paths.”

We’ve come to the realization that the way we solve the need should come in a couple of different flavors depending on where the MSP is, who their customers are and what their needs are. So with the Trusted Metrics acquisition and the Threat Monitor solution, we now provide an offering where those MSPs can become that MSSP, and then the Threat Monitoring Service Program provides a different flavor where they can solve that problem for their end customer with a different level of …

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