Siemens Unveils WLAN Partner Program

Siemens Communications Inc. has expanded its wireless LAN partner strategy and portfolio with the launch of its HiPath Wireless Manager and HiPath Ready Partner Program for Open Mobility Solutions. The idea is to bring together mobile, telephony and IT communications, using standards-based technology thats open to business process integration.

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Source: Siemens

The HiPath Wireless Manager, available starting at $1,500 per license, centralizes control of access points and integrates with WLAN security. It also includes monitoring and optimization for performance, using enterprise-wide heat maps, statistics, alerts and reports. An open-services framework offers APIs for third-party application development as well, and Siemens is combining its VoIP communications portfolio and handsets into the mix to promote the development of enterprise-wide mobile business solutions, says Luc Roy, vice president of product planning at Siemens.

There are a lot of wireless solutions out there, but for open mobility, to run any app, that has not been built, says Roy. The manager enables application-specific traffic management, so you can do, say, voice over WLAN in a hospital, but also patient monitoring at the nurses station, which is multicast. Partners can create and certify custom solutions.

The new Siemens HiPath Ready Partner Program for Open Mobility Solutions is an extension of the HiPath Ready Certification Program and gives developers, systems integrators, VARs and VADs access to open APIs to add third-party applications into the solution. Siemens also can certify solutions and applications as HiPath Ready for the partner.

Our WLAN VARs already bring a high level of expertise to the table, especially in security, says Roy. A lot of them are focused on being more customer savvy these days, because all customers have different requirements.

The value of the new program to VARs is the ability to deepen their relationships with customers, Roy adds. If you can get away from just offering a WLAN to offering mobility along with it, you will go further. And you will eventually get to fixed-mobile convergence and seamless mobility, which will mean that VARs are bound only by their own creativity.

VARs should focus on being creative and customized, to make the most of the opportunities in the WLAN space. Lots of customers are only thinking about VoWLAN or Internet access, Roy says. But there are often great applications the customer is overlooking. You have to have an awareness of your users needs, and bring in the applications that fit the bill. Ask have you thought or this, or that. And the customer says, I didnt know I could do that!

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