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Posted: 3/2004


The Sage Research Inc. January 2004 index of service provider confidence
in current conditions dipped slightly for the second period in a row. The
January 2004 index of current service provider conditions fell 0.8 points from
its November level, and is off 1.6 points from the September high of 47.8. The
decreases in both November and January are minor, however, and the current level
of 46.2 is still significantly above the levels seen in the first half of 2003.
The sharpest decline came in the employment subindex, while the revenue subindex
also fell slightly.

The Service Provider Confidence Index, begun in January 2002, is a tracking
study with data collected bimonthly about both current conditions and
expectations regarding spending on capital equipment, spending on product and
service development, revenue, employment, investor confidence and overall. In
Januarys poll, the expectations index continued its steady rise in January,
marking the seventh straight month of increases (May 2003-January 2004). It has
risen nearly 13 points over the past year. The biggest gain came from the
investor confidence subindex. The capital spending subindex, by contrast, fell
sharply during January. For more details about the methodology, visit Sage
Research at

Sage Research Inc.

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