Security Roundup: Symbol Security, Vade, Barracuda, DigiCert


… more problems and that were much more likely to report difficulties mastering IoT security.

Companies struggling the most with IoT implementation are much more likely to get hit with IoT-related security incidents. Every bottom-tier enterprise experienced an IoT-related security incident in the past two years, versus just 32 percent of the top-tier. The bottom-tier was also more likely to report problems in these specific areas:

  • more than six times as likely to have experienced IoT-based denial of service attacks.
  • more than six times as likely to have experienced unauthorized access to IoT devices.
  • nearly six times as likely to have experienced IoT-based data breaches.
  • four-and-a-half times as likely to have experienced IoT-based malware or ransomware attacks.

Although the top-tier enterprises experienced some security missteps, an overwhelming majority reported no costs associated with this those missteps.

“The survey shows the security practices successful organizations are deploying are encryption of data, prevention of unauthorized access, risk assessments, secure over-the-air updates and the secure storage of keys,” Nelson said. “These security best practices are saving their organizations significant money related to the resulting damages from IoT security mishaps.”

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