Security Roundup: Sophos On SamSam, FireEye, Cofense, Pulse Secure

Cybersecurity Shield

… querying and quarantining before any damage occurs.

Robert Iannicello, Cofense’s vice president of global channel sales, tells us the combination of Cofense Triage and Vision provides partners with a “complete solution to address how they identify and respond to phishing attacks.”

Cofense's Robert Iannicello

Cofense’s Robert Iannicello

“By extending our clustering technology to all emails received by an organization, security operations teams will have the ability to find and quarantine the entire attack, even from users who have not reported,” he said. “The complete phishing SOAR solution will enable our partners to address a key missing piece of the incident-response puzzle and is applicable to all industries, regions and organization sizes. The broad applicability is a huge win for our customers and partners.”

Cofense is the only vendor to provide the channel with a complete solution to the phishing threat, Iannicello said.

“More than a decade ago, Cofense created the phishing-simulation space to help organizations increase resilience and reduce susceptibility to phishing attacks,” he said. “Now, Cofense is delivering its continued innovations to the channel with its phishing SOAR platform that combines human intuition with leading-edge technology to find and eliminate active phishing threats using fewer resources — regardless if the attacks bypass perimeter defenses.”

Pulse Secure Debuts Latest Network Access Control Offering

Pulse Secure recently announced Pulse Policy Secure 9.0, which aims to provide organizations an easier, more flexible and VPN-integrated path to next-generation network access control (NAC).

The latest release incorporates more than 36 new features and enhancements, advancing visibility, usability, endpoint and IoT security, and threat-response capabilities. As a result, enterprises can strengthen their security posture and mitigate malware, data breaches and compliance risks.

“Organizations understand NAC advantages for visibility, IoT security and threat mitigation, but perceive the technology to be cumbersome,” said Scott Gordon, Pulse Secure’s chief marketing officer. “The latest release … continues to advance our deployment, usability and integration capabilities while delivering enterprise-class functionality. With our unique means to offer a simple, unified NAC and VPN solution, we allow enterprises to gain essential intelligence, compliance and protection for remote, cloud and data center access.”

The new version further extends IoT device discovery, classification and management features with added means to ascertain new and custom IoT devices, and to apply policy for conditional access.

“Customers, independent of their size or vertical, are all looking for solutions that can be easily integrated and/or automated as they’re all strapped for resources,” said Dominic Grillo, president of Atrion Communications Resources, a Pulse Secure reseller partner. “We’re seeing significant growth being driven by the move to applications in the cloud – with Azure, AWS [and others] – and Pulse Secure 9.0 sets the customer up for this explosion of ‘things.'”

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