Security Roundup: SonicWall, SolarWinds MSP, ForeScout-Carbon Black


… a reasonable chance of this happening,” he said. “To protect our customers, SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service has been updated to provide native protection from future exploits built around these vulnerabilities. We are also seeing more malware embedded in Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, which have surpassed Flash in risk over the past year. And, finally, we think that it is inevitable that we will see some attacks directed at IoT infrastructures.”

The cyber arms race is moving faster than ever with bigger consequences for enterprises, government agencies, educational and financial institutions, and organizations in targeted verticals, said Bill Conner, SonicWall’s CEO.

“SonicWall has been using machine learning to collect, analyze and leverage cyber threat data since the ‘90s,” he said. “This commitment to innovation and emerging technology is part of the foundation that helps deliver actionable threat intelligence, security efficacy and automated real-time breach detection and prevention to our global partners and customers.”

SolarWinds MSP Beefs Up Risk Intelligence

SolarWinds MSP has enhanced its risk-intelligence offering with an expanded data breach risk scan, designed to help users better discover and identify risks from security vulnerabilities stored on endpoint devices, and enhancing regulatory compliance capabilities.

Risk intelligence is designed to identify application and OS vulnerabilities in customers’ networks, discover how hackers may get to this data, and then calculate the real-time risk of a data breach and assess the potential financial liability. The expanded scan is designed to be useful when regulatory compliance is critical, delivering the ability to: identify security vulnerabilities such as unpatched operating systems and applications; highlight device settings that don’t meet baseline configuration requirements through a new technical safeguards check; and find 60-plus types of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII).

SolarWinds' Tim Brown

SolarWinds’ Tim Brown

Tim Brown, SolarWinds MSP’s vice president of security, tells us the evolving threat landscape combined with the more stringent regulatory environment means that MSPs have to stay on top of both risk and compliance.

“The (expanded risk scan) within the SolarWinds risk-intelligence product is designed to better help MSPs uncover risks more effectively, which is particularly helpful in their ability to potentially enhance regulatory compliance capabilities,” he said. “One of the unique features of Risk Intelligence is that it can give MSPs an estimated financial impact number that may help them more effectively sell security services to organizations who don’t fully understand the potential business impact associated with security related risk. The newly enhanced scanning feature may also help them expand their security offerings into compliance-as-a-service type offerings as well.”

SolarWinds MSP consistently hears that it can sometimes be difficult to quantify the value of security offerings, Brown said.

“In some cases, businesses don’t understand how much they need help with security until after they’re breached,” he said. “Risk intelligence and the new enhanced scanning capabilities within the product are designed with that in mind, to potentially help them …

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