Security Roundup: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month



… playbooks on what to do in an emergency, he said.

“That’s really reusable work so channel partners have a real services opportunity,” Wisniewski said. “Their tech people can sit down and work out some basic ways you’re going to respond to different types of incidents for their market, and then take that and reuse that template to help companies quickly establish that. And that’s a good opportunity for a lot of revenue. And then on the other side, it’s keeping their customers up to date with that threat landscape.”

Tips and Best Practices

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Ivanti announced its top tips and best practices to help raise awareness.

Ivanti's Chris Goettl

Ivanti’s Chris Goettl

“As I always say, when it comes to cybersecurity, a healthy dose of paranoia goes a long way,” said Chris Goettl, Ivanti’s director of product management for security.

Ivanti said every employee should follow these tips:

  • Always use password best-practices. Every user should change passwords often and create unique ones with 13 or more characters using a combination of words, numbers, symbols and both upper-and lower-case letters. Never use a network username as a password or easily guessed terms such as “password” and avoid simple combinations such as “1234.”
  • Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi. When travelling or working at your local coffee house or even in a hotel room, always be aware that public Wi-Fi can be easily compromised. Proceed on public Wi-Fi as if someone is watching. Don’t make purchases or log in to sensitive accounts such as a bank account.
  • Regularly update all applications and operating systems.
  • Protect your money. Just like you wouldn’t leave your cash on the table in a crowded restaurant, you need to be careful where you use your debit and credit-card information. If the information falls into the wrong hands, it can result in credit-card fraud or identity theft.
  • Don’t click until you’re sure. Phishing is one of the most common ways cybercrime is committed, and anyone can be a target.
  • Back up your data. To ensure that your company data is protected, be sure that it is part of the company-managed backup and recovery process. Without proper backups, your data could be lost for good in the event of a cyberattack.

Belden, Claroty Partner for Deeper Industrial Networks Monitoring

Belden and its Tripwire brand have entered a strategic partnership with Claroty to provide integrated “top-floor to shop-floor” industrial cybersecurity offerings.

Claroty's Patrick McBride

Claroty’s Patrick McBride

The first such solution, Tripwire Industrial Visibility, provides visibility, monitoring and threat mitigation across the complete IT and operational technology (OT) infrastructure. Belden is leveraging Claroty’s technology in the offering.

“For Claroty and its channel partners, this announcement is a ringing endorsement for our technology,” said Patrick McBride, Claroty’s chief marketing officer. “Belden/Tripwire is another example of a top-tier industrial automation and cybersecurity vendor that tested Claroty’s technology and chose to leverage our solution. We can’t think of better validation than to have the industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity experts at Belden/Tripwire follow other top-tier industrial automation vendors in choosing to partner with Claroty.”

The partnership between Belden and Claroty also seeks to extend …

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