Security Roundup: Exabeam, WatchGuard, eSentire, WhiteHat


… a repository of 95 million identified vulnerabilities.

WhiteHat Security's John Atkinson

WhiteHat Security’s John Atkinson

The enhancements will allow WhiteHat to deliver the “highest level of accuracy in the shortest time frame, which can traditionally only be achieved through fully automated testing with additional human verification, according to the company. AI-enabled verification will take just seconds, it said.

John Atkinson, WhiteHat’s vice president of strategic alliances and channels, tells us partners’ customers will receive an “agile solution to vulnerability management that simply hasn’t existed in the marketplace.”

“No one has ever used this AI-based approach for vulnerability verification until now,” he said. “We’re taking our 16 years of legacy data and using that to train the WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic solution to verify, with a high degree of certainty, that a vulnerability is real or not. This will enable organizations that are short-staffed or need to free up their security analysts’ time to augment the human verification function.”

When companies are building and releasing apps multiple times a day, they can’t always wait for humans to verify false positives, fix those vulnerabilities and get those fixes into the next build, Atkinson said. These new enhancements will help them solve those problems, he said.

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