Security Roundup: Exabeam, WatchGuard, eSentire, WhiteHat


…caring for them as individuals, and making sure that our leader, our smart folks, are going to facilitate the next phase of their learning,” he said.

And there aren’t enough conversations taking place between those in the trenches and those at the CIO/CISO level, Moore said.

“There [are] a lot of brilliant people trying to defend better and there’s technology that’s coming along that’s helping us move more, and get better and better at managing identities and managing accounts,” he said. “When you ask if it’s always going to be this sort of gloom and doom, it’s hard for me. The adversary is always going to be there, as long as there [are financial incentives, there will be an adversary … and they’re going to continue to evolve. But I like the odds.”

WatchGuard: Passwords Remain Easy Targets for Cybercriminals

Half of military and government-employee passwords can be cracked in less than two days, according to a new report by WatchGuard Technologies. Weak passwords and credential theft were a major theme in this second-quarter report.

Several of the report’s other key findings include:

  • The vast majority of cyberattacks were delivered via the web last quarter — and one of the most prevalent threats involves a brute-force attack against web application passwords.
  • Mimikatz, a well-known password and credential-stealing malware variant, was the most dominant threat in the second quarter:
  • Malicious cryptocurrency miners continue to gain favor among cybercriminals, making their way into the list of top 10 malware variants for the first time last quarter.
WatchGuard's Corey Nachreiner

WatchGuard’s Corey Nachreiner

Corey Nachreiner, WatchGuard’s chief technology officer, tells us authentication is still a major target for hackers, and a weak link for most SMBs.

“Multifactor authentication (MFA) is clearly a great way to address weak passwords and credential theft, but many SMBs don’t have a company-wide MFA solution, and 61 percent believe MFA solutions are designed for larger companies,” he said. “That is no longer the case, with modern, easy and inexpensive MFA solutions that are highly effective even at the smallest company. From an SMB channel perspective, this means MFA is a greenfield opportunity. Not only can VARs and MSSPs further protect their customers by offering MFA, but in doing so they can create new service opportunities and recurring-revenue streams. By offering an SMB-focused MFA solution, VARs and MSSPs can make their entire security services portfolio even more effective and lucrative.”

The most surprising finding was an unexpected drop in both malware and network attack volume in the second quarter, Nachreiner said.

“Over the last few years, our team has felt like we had a basic understanding of how malware and attack campaigns wax and wane over the seasons,” he said. “For instance, we have become used to a large increase in malware and attack volume during [the fourth quarter] due to holiday-specific campaigns, followed by …

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