SD-WAN Roundup: ‘Sophistication in Routing’ a Differentiator for Cisco SD-WAN


… and Cisco believe that routers have a role to play in SD-WAN.

“But at the end of the day, you need to have sophistication in routing. How do I transition a thousand-site customer one site at a time from the old to the new? In order to make that work properly and seamlessly, you need to have an element of routing,” he said.

He has a point in that Cisco’s approach will ease the pain and the fear of transition for customers — especially for large enterprise customers that already have a large array of hardware.

“When I do the jump, I can’t completely transition my network overnight. I need to make the old network talk to the new. That’s really where the sophistication comes in,” he said. “Routing is not just about building routers and placing routers at the customer site; it’s about connectivity. ‘How do I make sure that my site gets the high availability that it requires? How do I make sure that I have the most optimal way of going from one place to another?'”

Another big piece of Cisco’s SD-WAN strategy is security. Prabagaran says the technology opens up several new areas of security conversation with customers, such as encryption, authentication and segmentation requirements.

“You cannot fundamentally decouple an SD-WAN conversation from the security architecture,” he said. “In fact, we actually see the security architecture as being brought into focus and built off the SD-WAN conversation.”

Prabagaran adds that SD-WAN technology has essentially hit the mainstream, as a large range of companies — from large enterprise to mid-market to public sector – have validated it. And this can open a new door of opportunity for partners to grow.

“They can move from maybe some low value stuff to some really high value, software-based, analytics-based constructs very very quickly, and then provide a bridge from there to what Cisco has been pushing with the network and Internet-based networking and so forth,” he said.

Silver Peak

Silver Peak shared earlier this week that it has officially surpassed 600 deploying customers of its Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN offering. At the end of a year that saw its two biggest competitors get bought, Silver Peak’s large customer list shows that it has the resources necessary to grow organically. Frost & Sullivan puts the company at third in market share. CEO David Hughes spoke to Channel Partners about his vision for SD-WAN. He says WAN needs have … 

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