SD-WAN Roundup: ‘Sophistication in Routing’ a Differentiator for Cisco SD-WAN


… more than a “software-defined” attribute. It needs to be “self-driving” — meaning that it has the automation and logic to achieve its company’s business goals.

“How do you build a network that runs itself? And how do you have a network where you give it very high-level instructions just like you might give a self-driving car? You’re basically saying, ‘I want to go from A to B.’ You’re not telling it exactly how to get there, exactly how to make every turn, exactly how fast to drive; it does all that itself. The same thing with networking and with the WAN; can we have a WAN where you capture the CIO or the business unit leader’s intent for the network by service group and avoid ever having to think about configuring individual devices,” Hughes said.

Hughes echoed Prabagaran’s sentiment that SD-WAN is going mainstream. And for Hughes, that means we can expect at least one IPO filing from an SD-WAN company within the next calendar year. Futuriom suggested that Silver Peak, Aryaka, Cradlepoint and Fat Pipe Networks are all candidates to go public in 2018.

“You’re getting a number of players who are potentially moving to the region where they’re north of $100 million in SD-WAN revenue and doubling or tripling year-over-year,” Hughes said. “If you add those numbers up, then you’re on the path to an IPO.”

Hughes says being private was huge in allowing Silver Peak – which was founded in 2008 – to transition its core business. “One of the classic advantages of being private is that you can afford to make technologically bets or market bets that might be hard to explain to the average investor. It lets you do things like shift the business from being a WAN optimization business to being led by SD-WAN – which is something we’ve done as a company,” he said.

Speaking of IPOs

Aryaka hired Mike Hoffman as its chief revenue officer and senior vice president of global sales. That’s significant in itself, but the bigger news here is Hoffman’s credentials. He helped Gigamon file for an IPO in 2013 and comes to Aryaka with the goal of joining the hot SD-WAN market.

“Mike has been building successful, goal-oriented sales teams with a channel focus for more than 30 years. His experience in growing a company from a private startup through a successful IPO will be extremely valuable during this next stage of expansion for Aryaka.” President and CEO Shawn Farshchi said.

Read more about Aryaka’s SD-WAN goals in the interview it did with us for our last SD-WAN Roundup.


The widely regarded market share leader VeloCloud announced a new policy implementation approach for its SD-WAN solution. The idea is to customize the network’s goals and application priorities for different business departments within the same company. That company also…

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