SD-WAN Roundup: Silver Peak Harnesses the Channel, VMware Leads Rankings


… IoT-specific features to their offering, such as application identification, prioritization and protocol translation functionality on SD-WAN appliances.”

Ben Niernberg, MNJ Technologies’ senior vice president, told Channel Partners earlier this year that the rise of 5G has raised SD-WAN’s profile for UCaaS companies. Niernberg said we can expect to see more voice companies putting SD-WAN boxes at customer location to mitigate quality-of-service (QoS) problems, packet-loss and latency. RingCentral, for example, recently added Cato Networks as one of its compatible SD-WAN vendors.

“With 5G coming on board, the SD-WAN box becomes even more paramount in how it connects directly to the UCaaS provider,” Niernberg said.

The study also gave a nod to the channel and services. More and more vendors are partnering with MSPs, systems integrators and other telecommunications providers. A recent IHS Markit survey found that although some customers prefer a self-managed platform, more companies will be asking for managed services with network function virtualization (NFV) services.

A MarketsandMarkets study echoed the same sentiment earlier this week.

“These services help end users in reducing costs, lowering operational costs and improving business performance. With the help of these services, organizations can track, evaluate and analyze the requirements of their business to make informed decisions,” the study authors wrote.

A Partner Perspective

We wrote in February about how MNJ Technologies implemented a Silver Peak solution for a large electrical contractor.

The partner supplanted the carrier that had been hitting the customer with a large MPLS bill. The new arrangement saved money, quickened support time and made security provisioning easier.

“No one gets fired for the decision to go with AT&T or Verizon,” Ben Niernberg said. “It’s the easy one to do, but no one’s happy about it. Their response times … the effort it takes.”

The customer still uses the carrier’s fiber but determined that MNJ, as a CLEC, could manage the platform and provide connectivity in a more cost-effective, vendor-agnostic fashion. Financial incentives also differ from one another.

“My concern with carriers is, with the MPLS erosion going on, oftentimes they aren’t looking at what’s best for the customer. They’re trying to maintain the MPLS circuit to maintain the revenue and the profitability. [Whereas] we look at it objectively and say, ‘What’s the best thing for the customer?'”

Quick Hits

  • TELoiP re-branded to Adaptiv Networks. The change reflects migration away from “ill-suited” MPLS and legacy networks. Read the company’s announcement.
  • We interviewed Aryaka Networks’ new channel about his plans for the vendor’s program. The new hire previously led partner programs at EarthLink and Windstream. He praised Aryaka for its unique approach to SD-WAN. Read the Q&A.
  • Unified cloud services provider PanTERRA partnered with Bigleaf Networks to include it in its service offering. Find the press release here.

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