SD-WAN Roundup: ‘Not Everyone Is Going to Make Money’ in Crowded Vendor Race


… depend on the network even if they don’t understand the details, much like a clock.

“Clients don’t care about the gears and all the pieces of technology that make the watch tell time. They just want [it] to tell the time. SD-WAN just ensures the accuracy of the time it’s telling,” Swan said. “It ensures that it’s always going to tell the time. It’s not something that’s transformational; it’s just a standard for us.”

The company prides itself on systematizing workflow to collect data and glean intelligence on the best ways to make their customers more efficient. It’s this holistic approach of digital transformation that Swan says differentiates a company like his from the numerous carriers that sell SD-WAN.

Infinit frames the customer conversation around applications, remote locations and other aspects that Swan summarizes as “the business value.” This contrasts with the approach of the big carriers.

“They’re going at it [like] a knife fight trying to sell SD-WAN. And what they’re missing is the business value, the business applications [that are] essential for the business to execute,” he said. “So they’re going in with speeds and feeds and price and availability, and that’s their weapon of choice.”

Quick Hits

  • Silver Peak launched a new program that connects reseller partners to deployment partners. The vendor also celebrated its 1,000th customer.
  • Aryaka has a new CEO. Matt Carter, a past employee of Sprint and AT&T, has replaced John Peters. Read the company’s announcement.
  • eWeek covered multiple vendors – including Talari and Versa Networks – that expanded both their portfolios and their market reaches last month.

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