SD-WAN Roundup: Market Saturation Opens the Door for Partner Opportunity


… expectations for SD-WAN. He says Zayo is seeing a “blend of requests”  that combine the overall idea of SD-WAN with many of its individual features, such as security, firewall and WAN optimization.

Strople says clients come in a mixed bag when it comes to how much they understand the technology. Many of them know that they need it but don’t yet know how they will use it.

“There are absolutely some customers who have done lots of research, understand exactly what SD-WAN is, have thought about how they’ve got a use case that would specifically require the functions of an SD-WAN offer, and say, ‘Look, this is what I’m trying to do. Do you have something that does this?’ And we say, ‘Yes, our SD-WAN offer matches what you want to do.’ There [are] also a very large number of customers that say, ‘Look, I know what my WAN needs are, and frankly my WAN needs are being met today, but I can’t pick up industry magazines without reading about SD-WAN, so I need to make sure that you will have some version of SD-WAN,'” Strople said.

Quick Hits

  • Windstream says more than 500 midsize enterprises have purchased its SD-WAN. Edward Gately reported the news in his recap of Windstream acquiring MassComm. Read the article.
  • Network World has an interesting story on how China’s “Great Firewall” may impact SD-WAN. The country will begin blocking TCP Port 80 for business customers that have not registered with a local internet service provider. In the simplest of terms, unregistered businesses won’t get VPN access. The blocking starts Thursday.
  • Data Bridge Market Research writes that the SD-WAN market was worth $753.1 million in 2016 and will grow at a rate of 66.2 percent over the next six years.
  • Aryaka partnered with Zscaler to combine its SD-WAN with Zscaler’s cloud security. Read Aryaka’s full announcement about the partnership, as well as the first EMEA edition of its “State of SD-WAN Connectivity” report.

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