SD-WAN Roundup: InSpeed Takes Different Path, Teneo Talks Talari


… the specializations.

“You’re not comparing apples to oranges or apples to bananas,” Sollars said. “They’re all apples. They’re just different types of apples, one sweet, one sour, one a bit soft.”

The Big Benefit

Ichelson, Chris_HTG 360

HTG 360’s Chris Ichelson

HTG 360 CEO Chris Ichelson shared his observations of SD-WAN sales. He says that his company, which doubles as a managed security vendor and an MSP, has given customers much needed up-time.

“They’re just not seeing outages,” Ichelson said. “They’re not being impacted by service interruption, and I think that’s the beautiful magic of SD-WAN.”

Ichelson’s other observation is that SD-WAN has not eliminated MPLS, and that is a different perspective that InSpeed’s aforementioned approach of not needing to aggregate multiple WAN links.

“I’m seeing most customers are leveraging a hybrid MPLS and an SD-WAN box coupled with some sort of other internet connection,” he said.


Riverbed's Bridget Bisnette

Riverbed’s Bridget Bisnette

Bridget Bisnette, Riverbed‘s senior vice president of global partners and commercial sales, offered three predictions for 2019.

First, she says that customers undergoing digital transformation will place a high value on platforms that monitor customer experience. Second, highly demanded yet scare talent will create fierce competition between channel partners “to acquire valuable human capital.”

Lastly, Bisnette predicted that the talent shortage will contribute to further consolidation in the channel.

“Larger channel businesses will begin to acquire smaller practices where top talent may reside. While poaching is common practice among the channel, it will include vendors competing for the same shrinking talent pool and ultimately lead to major consolidation,” she said. “In the long run, and beginning in 2019, we will see fewer larger partner organizations with a greater number of customers.”

Quick Hits

  • Security provider WatchGuard Technologies joined some of its rivals in offering SD-WAN capabilities within its platform. The new operating system of its platform has dynamic path selection. Check out the company’s full announcement.
  • Infovista teamed up with the distributor Westcon-Comstor. Infovista said the agreement completes the roll-out of its 2 Tier channel strategy. Read the press release about the partnership.
  • Cato Networks added intelligent last mile management to its SD-WAN platform. Go to Cato’s website for details.

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