SD-WAN Roundup: InSpeed Takes Different Path, Teneo Talks Talari



“Bring it on. Whatever you’ve got we should run on until proven otherwise,” he said.

Basart participated in an SD-WAN panel at our latest conference that contrasted InSpeed with four other “pure-play” SD-WAN vendors. One of the overarching differences is the “plug-n-play” flexibility of InSpeed, where the company boasts of being enough able to insert its platform into most systems with only minor adjustments.

Basart says other platforms may technically be more flexible, but cost an exorbitant amount of human labor.

“In a way, if you’re really smart you could configure Versa — for example — to do anything you want,” he said. “If you’ve got somebody that knows it, it’s probably more flexible, but it’s a different kind of flexibility. It’s painstakingly set up by a human, and we try to avoid that step.”

Basart says InSpeed carries on ShoreTel’s goal of an easily deployed platform.

“What I believe is that we should change the entire model of how people get internet services. It should be largely something you just buy and you’re done with,” he said.

The idea for InSpeed came during the middle years of ShoreTel, which Basart co-founded in 1996. His support team informed him of a rash of customer complaints. The platform wasn’t running everywhere as ShoreTel had promised.

“It turns out the problem was networking,” said Basart.

Network management didn’t fix the issue, nor could popular SD-WAN products of the time ensure quality of service for voice and video. So Basart set out to tackle the obstacle the UCaaS industry had uncovered.

“I went, ‘Oh that’s an idea!’ and off I went,” he said.

Teneo Chimes In on Talari

Oracle’s purchase of Talari Networks may be the biggest SD-WAN news this year. The transaction will place Talari within Oracle’s global communications unit. Talari Vice President of Sales George Just told us last month that his company will not be subsumed by its purchaser.

Sollars, Marc_Teneo

Teneo’s Marc Sollars

Teneo, a “specialist integrator” that began partnering with Talari in 2011, commented on the acquisition. Teneo Chief Technology Officer Marc Sollars called the deal a great fit for Oracle’s efforts in cloud infrastructure and its communications unit.

“They need easy connectivity to the cloud, and they need to provide reliability and resilience to their customers,” Sollars said.

Sollars echoed George Just’s comments that Oracle does not plan on changing Talari’s business model.

Sollars says Teneo has witnessed the SD-WAN industry transform over the course of its seven-year partnership with Talari. The terminology has changed from names like hybrid networking and WAN virtualization to now SD-WAN and WAN edge.

Teneo also partners with Riverbed, Silver Peak, VeloCloud, Cisco-Viptela. Sollars says there’s no clear-cut leader, as each vendor takes a different approach to the technology.

Routing, voice and video quality, and cloud are just a few of …

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