SD-WAN Roundup: CloudGenix, Windstream Add New Offerings as Security Vendors Thrive



CloudGenix can now launch branch infrastructure for its customers through the cloud.

The new CloudBlades platform spins up SD-WAN, security, voice, multicloud access and other tools without requiring extra hardware or software. The product is available now and operates independently of the CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN platform.

Our latest SD-WAN column explores how the branch office is changing. We also delve into Windstream‘s latest partnership and discuss the relationship between SD-WAN and security.

CloudGenix's Kumar Ramachandran

CloudGenix’s Kumar Ramachandran

The new CloudGenix offering attacks legacy “hardware blades” contained inside multifunction routers. CloudGenix CEO Kumar Ramachandran told Channel Partners that hardware blades force customers to rely on hardware refresh cycles and limit their ability to select new vendors.

“From the same vendor I buy my security; from the same vendor I buy my WAN; from the same vendor I buy my ‘collab,’ and usually that’s not best-of-breed. Integration is my responsibility as a customer,” Ramachandran said.

He said the channel partners serving the customers must labor through massive validated design guides that are too complex. Integrating security into the branch office, for example, requires a copious amount of manual work.

“We’ve seen that while the hardware-blades approach has dominated the industry, it definitely feels like it needs to give way,” he said.

The 20-plus CloudBlades include integrations for Palo Alto Networks, Slack, Amazon, Equinix, Microsoft and many others.

“If you’re a channel partner and you want to delivery multiple service capabilities to your customer ‒ you sold them SD-WAN, and now you want to deliver security ‒  you pretty much click a button, and Palo Alto is turned on for that customer,” Ramachandran said. “You can turn on RingCentral at the click of a button. You can enable multicloud access for them. You can enable ServiceNow for them at pretty much the click of a button.”

McKeown, Tom_BroadReach

BroadReach Communications’ Tom McKeown

Two CloudGenix partners praised the new offering. BroadReach Communications CEO Tom McKeown said his company increases its value by offering “best-of-breed” cloud services without complex hardware or software.

“CloudGenix CloudBlades provides us a great platform to offer not only SD-WAN, but also a range of best-of-breed WAN services to our customers,” McKeown said. “We can offer SD-WAN, security, collaboration, multicloud and monitoring to our customers as pre-integrated capabilities. At BroadReach we take a consultative approach to customers problems and we customize our solution recommendations.”

Bob Kingery helped found Three Tree Tech, a Portland, Oregon-based partner. He said CloudGenix stands alone in its effort to revolutionize branch infrastructure.

Kingery, Bob_Three Tree

Three Tree Tech’s Bob Kingery

“Our mission is to simplify the complex for our clients. The CloudGenix CloudBlades platform helps make that possible. With the platform, we can deliver best-of-breed infrastructure services from the cloud with no additional hardware or software. That’s a huge benefit as we help our clients through their digital transformation,” Kingery said.

CloudGenix announced the completion of a $65 million Series C funding round in April.


We reported on Monday that Windstream Enterprise added Fortinet as a second SD-WAN partner.

Windstream has worked with VMware-owned VeloCloud since 2017 and boasts more than 1,800 contracted SD-WAN customers. Blaise Brady, a Windstream technology vertical strategist offering consultation for SD-WAN and security, said channel partners have won large customers in the retail, health care and financial industries.

Fortinet brings a different product to the table than VeloCloud, owing mainly Fortinet’s cybersecurity background. The FortiGate Secure SD-WAN solution includes a next-generation firewall.

Brady, Blaise_Windstream

Windstream’s Blaise Brady

“We are enabling channel partners to accelerate their success and better solve for additional customer use cases. One example is security-conscious customers who are seeking an integrated NGFW (next-generation firewall) and SD-WAN on the same appliance,” Brady told Edward Gately. “Another example is customers who are seeking better network resiliency and service availability, but who are not willing to pay a premium for advanced SD-WAN features that impact the user’s quality of experience.”

The carrier aims to give partners choices.

“Being able to add the SD-WAN functionality to an already robust and leading security offering, easily accessed via an intuitive digital interface, is going to be a winning proposition,” Brady said. “Partners also like to …

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  1. Avatar Anant Singh July 4, 2019 @ 12:21 am

    Mr. Blaise Brady is absolutely spot-on when he says this is a winning proposition, because it sure is. Not only has SDN streamlined companies’ operations, but SD WLN has also ensured increase in security and robustness of systems. That is why it should come as no surprise that a report by Grand View Research forecasts accelerated growth for this market in the coming 5-6 years.

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