SD-WAN Roundup: Bigleaf Networks Lays Claim to ‘Plug-n-Play’ Crown


… marketing hype.

“Years ago, when everything was going to the cloud, there was a lot of mystery and confusion in the space. That’s why I think it took a long time for adoption to happen. Past that initial phase of that confusion, we’re starting to see some of the different technologies out there and customers getting comfortable trying it out and starting [to invest] in that technology,” Westwood said.

He reports increased interest and understanding from buyers — a big improvement from 12 months prior.

“There’s a lot of excitement around the vendor side, but from a customer perspective what we’ve seen is, sometimes it creates a lot of confusion,” he said. “There [are] so many choices and so many vendors. What is it really going to mean value-wise for the customer?”


San Mateo, California-based Aryaka has been on a tear with personnel announcements. Aryaka hired a new channel chief, Claudio Perugini, who most recently led channel sales for Big Switch Networks.

Perugini’s hiring comes little more than a month after Aryaka hired Mike Hoffman, who worked alongside Perugini at Big Switch and Gigamon. The major commonality between the two is that they were both part of Gigamon when it filed for IPO in 2013.

Quick Hits
  • Cradlepoint launched a subscription-based pricing model and a wireless branch offering. The company says it wants its strategy to reflect more of a software-as-a-service model. Read our write-up on the news.
  • VMware said that its workforce would undergo a “small reduction.” The announcement comes a month after the company finalized its acquisition of VeloCloud Networks. Read Edward Gately’s story.
  • Ecessa released a network-monitoring service designed to extend the value of the company’s SD-WAN offerings. Read Ecessa’s full announcement.
  • Hitachi will use NTT Communications’ SD-WAN solution for its global network. The solution will be in 1,000 Japanese offices. See the announcement.

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