ScanSource Raises the Bar with Chief Diversity Officer


Business Diversity

… create lasting change. That’s for now and well into the future.

CP: How diverse is ScanSource today? Numbers? Goals going forward?

KP: As of today, we are very pleased with our overall gender breakdown throughout the company. But we acknowledge that there is more work to do to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels of our organization.

Read Channel Futures/Channel Partners’ Black Lives Matter statement, which also calls for diversity and inclusion in the channel.

CP: Can you comment on diversity and inclusion in tech and the tech channel?

KP: We see a lot of opportunities within the tech industry to work together toward a more diverse and inclusive environment. At ScanSource, we not only want to build an inclusive environment at our own organization, but we want to partner with other industry leaders to help drive efforts in the channel. This joint effort would greatly benefit the channel and our society as a whole.

CP: What’s the time frame for implementing the diversity and inclusion strategies at ScanSource?

KP: We have started having a more consistent dialogue with our employees. Over the next few months we will have more in-depth conversations with our partner and supplier communities. Based on employee interest and feedback, we are in the process of selecting our employee-run advisory council. Once that group is selected, we will be able to implement initial components of our program; for example, employee-led resource groups, a D&I focused book club and external subject matter experts to engage our team. These program elements will be the starting point for further planning and implementation throughout our organization and communities. We will continue to provide updates and have open communication with all groups involved.

CP: How do you hope this new diversity and inclusion effort will change ScanSource as a company/culture?

KP: Our goal is to ultimately create a more nurturing and inclusive environment for our employees. We will do this through an initiative that is woven into every aspect of our business and how we operate. It is critical that every employee feels heard and appreciated at ScanSource. We will provide the tools and platforms needed for our employees to feel fully accepted and empowered while working at ScanSource.

CP: How will you handle (negative) blowback from employees, business partners and channel partners? 

KP: An important part of our D&I planning process is listening to gain insight, and we understand that means receiving all types of feedback. Through honest discussions, some conversations might not be comfortable, but it is in that discomfort where we learn most. These learning moments will only aid us in our efforts to build a more intentional inclusive work environment.

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