Sandy Beaches Introduces InteleWATCH

Sandy Beaches Software (Booth 411) introduced the InteleWATCH module, which pairs with the companys flagship billing and customer care platform, InTELEbill.

InteleWATCH is a real-time monitoring tool that interfaces with InTELEbill, providing real-time switch provisioning. The tool is triggered when certain events occur. It then sends the data to the appropriate switch. Intervals can be set to various times so customers can choose how often the switch is updated.

InteleWATCH sits in the servers toolbar for easy access. Thomas Testi, lead developer for Sandy Beaches Software, said InteleWATCH was made to integrate with MetaSwitch and CopperCom switches, at customers requests.

It was developed to automate provisioning routines, giving our clients the ability to create a new customer and provision the services to their switch seamlessly, he said. Less data entry allows for more accuracy and a more effective use of their staffs time.

Sandy Beaches Software said InteleWATCHs capabilities allow for more customer self-care options. In future versions, end users should be able to add new lines and services to their own accounts via the Web. It also could enhance the suspend/reconnect feature within InTELEbill by automating such processes directly to the switch, Testi added.

Sandy Beaches Software President Jeff Lytle said the module benefits small and large providers looking to cut down on manual processes.

Sandy Beaches Software

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