Roundtable: Qwests FTTN Project

Qwests announcement that it will add $200 million to its FTTN project, which apparently wont become an IPTV network

I see a convergence of you and your home, wanting multiple ways to get to video. That doesnt mean IPTV. I mean, you may want to go get something off the Internet thats live, streaming video youTubes just a forerunner.
Ed Mueller, Qwest Communications International Inc. CEO
Thats what Wall Streets afraid of that once he goes down that IPTV path, then were not just talking $200 million more, were talking billions and billions more.
Donna Jaegers, JANCO Partners Inc. analyst
Qwest thinks that theyll make plenty of money bringing in a fiber network to the customer, and if you follow what Google ultimately wants in the world, itll be the content owners that will just access those customers over the network.
Eric Paulak, Gartner Inc. analyst
For certain segments of the market, people are willing to pay for video on demand and this caters to it without asking somebody to go out and get a gold membership. So, in that way, its sort of interesting.
Lisa Pierce, Forrester analyst


Gartner Inc.
JANCO Partners Inc.
Qwest Communications International Inc.

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