Roundtable: Qwest Partners With Verizon

On Qwest Communications International Inc. nixing Sprint Nextel  contract in favor of Verizon Wireless

“We like the attitude of Verizon, we like their openness.”
— Qwest CEO Ed Mueller on May 6, 2008, earnings call

“The move to Verizon Wireless won’t hurt Qwest, but how will it help? There is a lot of hassle for customers in changing over all those phones in coming months. There must be a benefit, but it is not clear where.”
— Independent telecom analyst Jeff Kagan

“The quality and reliability of our network … will make a huge difference in [Qwest’s] wireless experience.”
— Verizon Wireless President and CEO Lowell McAdam

For more details on this partnership, read Qwest’s New Wireless Strategy Makes it an Agent.

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