Roundtable: FCC 700MHz D Block Auction

“[T]he time has come to give back a little by helping the first responder community do its job better and more efficiently. … I believe that all of those who make money in wireless should look at the needs of the first responder community and find a way to make it happen.”

— Independent wireless analyst Andrew Seybold

“After this major disappointment for the FCC, it’s back to the drawing board for them, and I think they will rerun the D Block auction with new requirements — probably lowering the reserve price.”

— ABI Research Senior Analyst Nadine Manjaro

“The public-private partnership approach could have succeeded, and I still believe we can make it work. Admittedly, finding a balance was fraught with difficulty, but we failed to make it viable, and heed concerns about finding a balance on issues of concern like penalties.”

— Democratic FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein

“[A]ny new auction for the D-block should be consistent with an overarching policy goal of advancing public safety objectives and ultimately achieving a state-of-the-art, broadband infrastructure for first responders.”

— Congressman Ed Markey, D-Mass.

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