ROUND TABLE: on How Government Should Aid Telecom’s Economic Recovery?

Posted: 11/2002

Round Table……on How
Government Should Aid Telecom’s Economic Recovery?

"Government can contribute to
market stability and certainty by establishing a regulatory framework that
allows businesses to compete fairly. As such, the government is obliged to
provide ‘rules of the road’ for industry that enhance market certainty."

–Kevin J. Martin, Commissioner,

"No one knows precisely how the
market will develop. So it’s impossible for regulators to determine what prices
should be charged, how products and services should be delivered, and how
businesses should be operated. They simply need to let new technologies and new
markets develop."

–Tom Tauke, Senior Vice
President — Public Policy and External Affairs, Verizon

"In this precarious market
environment, government must act to get the industry back on track by using
regulation to protect consumers and competitors until the inevitable success of
competition takes hold."

–Gerald Salemme, President,
Communications Consultants Inc. (CCI)

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