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On the sudden demise of VoIP provider SunRocket

Much of the blame for this mess is being heaped on the CEO, Lisa Hook. She struggled at AOL, but this is telecom, where you get to fail time and time again.
Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO president


The implosion of SunRocket is yet another sign that the VoIP space is rapidly becoming the domain of cablecos, which have many distinct advantages when offering VoIP phone services.
Charlie Reed, ATLANTIC-ACM analyst

We helped put (SunRocket) out of business. They had a cheap product and they couldnt compete.
Charles Sahner, Vonage spokesman, in the San Francisco Chronicle

Most of the other independent companies have been a lot more conservative in their capital spending than SunRocket. Im still shocked SunRocket burned through that much cash.
Stephan Beckert, TeleGeography research director, in The Washington Post

We saw some difficult times coming and, therefore, minimized any exposure we had by redirecting our efforts.
Bruce Hahn, American Telecom Services Inc. CEO

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