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On the FCCs recent order requiring VoIP services and devices to include access for subscribers with disabilities

This accessibility is critical in order to promote the independence of persons with disabilities, participation in our society, and critical access in emergency situations.
Jonathan Adelstein, Democratic FCC commissioner
We continue to evaluate the remaining obligations including: numbering (access to numbering resources, number portability obligations and numbering support obligations) and consumer protection issues (service discontinuance notifications, slamming and billing issues, etc.).
Kevin Martin, FCC chairman
Everyones getting pretty fed up with not being able to use these innovative gadgets and services. This FCC action is a good step forward, but its time for the whole communications industry to take a giant step forward.
Jenifer Simpson, American Association of People with Disabilities co-founder
Our action helps Americans with disabilities access communications services and equipment needed to improve the quality of their lives, or perhaps to save their lives.
Robert McDowell, Republican FCC commissioner
Why should I have to ask someone to place a phone call for me just because some company forgot to design phone services with my needs in mind? And, if we cant get our telephone bills in Braille, how do they expect us to pay them?
Mark ichert, American Foundation for the Blind co-founder

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