Round Table

… On the challenges facing VoIP service providers from executives attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East

We all love Vonage because theyre out there promoting VoIP. Its just were not all looking forward to going to zero on the [price point].
Greg Welch, GlobalTouch Telecom chairman and CEO

Simply making the audio quality better.
Mark Fedor, Sunrocket CTO

The most important element is maintaining price at a level that you can support your quality.
Bryan Renner, BandTel vice president of sales and alternate channels

VoIP is complex, but security makes it all the more complex.
Kevin Moroz, snom Technology AG spinoffs pbxnsip Inc. vice president of sales

Regulators and legislators are going to have a tremendous role in how quickly these technologies get into your hands, Im sad to say.
Bryan Martin, 8×8 chairman and CEO on rollouts of new IP-based products and services, such as video

Companies like Vonage are setting the profitability bar so low when theyre satisfied with losses of $140 million a quarter, its really hard to compete with that.
Kevin Rohnstrom, RNK Communications salesperson

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