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Kevin Martin

… On FCC Chairman Kevin Martins confirmation to head the agency for a second term

Im pleased that we were finally able to clear Chairman Martin. He is a fine chairman, and I am delighted that he will have another term to continue his work at the FCC.
Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman

This action will provide the opportunity for the chairman to lead the commission at this unique time in promoting competition and technological innovation in the telecommunications marketplace for the benefit of all Americans.
Robert McDowell, FCC Commissioner

One of the true pleasures I have had at the commission is getting to know Kevin since we came here together in 2001 and working with him on a wide variety of matters. Much of the time we agree, some of the time we dont, but I continue to value the frank discussions we have, the intellect and character he brings to the commission and his ability to maintain cordial personal relations amidst all of the difficult issues moving here.
Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner

He has proven to be a dedicated public servant and a thoughtful policymaker during our time together at the commission. We have a number of challenging issues before the commission, and I look forward to our continued work together to serve the public interest on behalf of the American people.
Jonathan Adelstein, FCC Commissioner

This is good news for consumers, for competition and for the commission. Under Chairman Martins leadership, we will continue to move toward technology-neutral policies to spur economic growth, balanced with the public interest.
Deborah Tate, FCC Commissioner

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