… On whats on the regulatory horizon for 2007.

The USF, and continued mergers and acquisitions will dominate the regulatory landscape. The map is getting reconfigured.
Blair Levin, Stifel Nicolaus analyst

The focus will shift from Congress to the FCC, where USF and intercarrier compensation reform will take center stage. The Missoula Plan, shaped in part by National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission [NARUC] members as a proposal for fixing the USF, will serve as a starting point. Thats what its designed to be. Its not a final solution.
James B. Ramsay, NARUC general counsel

Competitive carriers are hoping for stabilization of the regulatory landscape. With any luck, we wont find the rules changing on us so rapidly and that will allow the carriers that remain most of whom have survived various shakeouts of one sort or another to prosper and grow. Its potentially a more optimistic year for CLECs and competitors in general than otherwise might be the case.
Earl Comstock, COMPTEL president and CEO

AT&T Inc. intends to maintain a two-pronged state and federal approach to video franchise reform in 2007. We still feel that federal franchise rules are important for consumers because, without them, consumers who live in states that have passed statewide franchise bills will realize the benefits of having a competitor to the entrenched cable provider, but those who dont will not have the investment or consumer benefits associated with meaningful competition.
Claudia Jones, AT&T spokeswoman

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