… On the FCCs inaction regarding Verizon Communications Inc.s forbearance petition, and allowing the RBOCs business broadband offerings to be reclassified as information services…

The commission is going to try to reach regulatory parity by removing regulations on the incumbent telephone companies rather than on applying new regulations on the cable companies.
Kevin J. Martin, FCC Chairman

The responsible course of action would have been to reject the petition. Verizon could have refiled its petition … and the commission could then have considered the request with a full complement of commissioners. Instead the chairman chose the underhanded tactic of allowing the petition to go into effect by operation of law, depriving the public and the courts of any explanation.
Earl Comstock, COMPTEL President and CEO

This … raises the specter of price hikes and fewer choices for businesses, banks, universities, government agencies and other high-volume users of communications services, in addition to consumers in rural America.
Jonathan S. Adelstein, FCC Commissioner

I am deeply disappointed at the outcome of this proceeding. This is not the way to make environment-altering policy changes.
Michael J. Copps, FCC Commissioner

This type of petition may harm some small rural communications providers and rural consumers could find themselves paying premiums for access to the Internet.
Michael Brunner, National Telecommunications Cooperative Association CEO

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