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“Chairman Powell’s tenure at the FCC has not resulted in a better deal for America’s telecommunications consumers. Regulatory uncertainty under Powell’s watch has created ideal conditions for a ‘perfect storm’ of endless litigation that has set back the development of a 21st century telecommunications policy by years.” 

– Telecommunications Research & Action Center Chairman Samuel A. Simon

“I have enjoyed working with Chairman Powell and I continue to admire the knowledge and enthusiasm he brought to the chairmanship of the FCC.  He has worked long and hard to advance his vision of our telecom future. While he and I have had some differences on issues, we never let that get in the way of a collegial relationship.” 

– FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

“The FCC will still be headed by [a] deregulatory Republican majority, which many expect will work closer and more collegially with its Democratic colleagues.”
- Medley Global Advisors Analyst Jessica Zufolo

“As Congress begins a critical effort to update the nation’s telecom laws, it is vital that President Bush have the leadership of an FCC chairman who shares his commitment to clearing out the ‘regulatory underbrush’ that today holds back more vigorous private sector investment and competition that can deliver new services, choices and value to the American consumer.” 

– USTA President and CEO Walter B. McCormick

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