Posted: 11/2001



On the FCC’s approval to let Verizon Communications Inc. provide in-region,

long-distance service in Pennsylvania . . .: “The record before us fails to prove that Verizon provides competitors with adequate wholesale bills. Verizon has therefore not yet met its burden of proving that it complies with item 2 of the competitive checklist. Furthermore, the commission’s analysis and procedures related to UNE rates were troubling.”

— Michael J.
Copps, commissioner and the lone dissenter in this vote, Federal Communications Commission (

“The momentum is building, with Pennsylvania joining the states that have embraced full telecom competition. It’s a simple formula: competition for local phone service heats up as Verizon obtains long-distance approval. It happened in New York and Massachusetts. It’s happening now in Pennsylvania, and it will happen here” in New Jersey.

— Dennis Bone, president,
Verizon-New Jersey (

“AT&T remains convinced that wholesale prices in Pennsylvania are too high and billing system performance too uncertain to permit meaningful competition in Pennsylvania. Now that the application has nonetheless been approved, it’s more important than ever that the Pennsylvania [regulators] move quickly to reform and lower wholesale prices and adopt a performance assurance plan with meaningful penalties for backsliding. A strict code of conduct is also critical to help ensure that Verizon’s wholesale unit does not favor its retail unit over competitors. Put simply, competitors cannot enter markets where wholesale prices and processes make retail competition impossible. That is currently the case in Pennsylvania.”

— Len
Cali, vice president of law and director of federal

government affairs, AT&T Corp. (


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