Round Table

Posted: 6/2003

LEGISLATION"We view these bills to be very anticompetitive and they are
very harmful to residential competition taking hold. We believe these bills are
not about broadband but indeed they are about voice competition, and we feel
this is just the mechanism SBC is using to stomp out voice competition in [the]

–Wauneta Browne, assistant vice
president of law and government affairs, AT&T Corp., on broadband
deregulation bills that have been introduced at state capitols throughout the
territory of SBC Communications Inc.

"It’s not deregulating voice at
all and that is what we are making very clear."

–Andrea Brands, SBC
spokeswoman, on a broadband bill in Illinois

"We didn’t make promises
regarding jobs. We did promise to broaden access to DSL Internet, and we are
certainly doing that."

–Marty Richter, spokesperson,
SBC, when asked about a letter Oklahoma senator Stratton Taylor wrote to Indiana
lawmakers, warning them SBC went back on its word by cutting jobs in the state
after lawmakers last year passed House Bill 2769, which removed oversight from
the Oklahoma commission to regulate broadband service

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