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Posted: 4/2003


"[S]mall businesses should be
disappointed by the commission’s decision to alter the deregulatory framework
governing broadband services by the Bell monopolies. We believe that the
provision will lead to higher DSL service prices and less broadband availability
for small business customers."

–Karen Kerrigan, chairman,
Small Business Survival Committee

"At least, the FCC got the
rules for broadband right. The weight of the evidence before the commission was
that its forced sharing of telecom networks had gone too far, and was slowing
down both new entrants’ and incumbents’ buildout of new network elements. It’s
unfortunate that the agency did not also deregulate things like switching."

–Solveig Singleton, senior
policy analyst, Competitive Enterprise Institute

"[T]he FCC passed on the
opportunity to guarantee that broadband competition continues on a level playing
field across the country. We agree with Chairman Powell’s statement that line
sharing has clear and measurable benefits for consumers. In his dissenting
statement on the decision he says the panel talks glowingly about
facilities-based competition, but the decision gives facilities providers ‘the
back of their hand.’"

–Charles Hoffman, president and
CEO, Covad Communications Co.

"It appears that the FCC on one
hand is trying to provide incentives to deploy broadband and on the other it is
taking those incentives away [by requiring Bell companies to seek state
commission approval to retire copper loops and subloops]"

–Tom Tauke, senior vice
president public policy and external affairs, Verizon Communications Inc.

"Unfortunately, changes in the
FCC’s rules regarding broadband are highly detrimental to competition. This
order prohibits competitors from accessing existing and future fiber in Bell
networks, stifling their ability to provide consumers with the benefits of
competitive choice. As Commissioner Copps stated, this will perpetuate the
ultimate bottleneck in consumer access to competitive broadband services."

–Wayne E. Huyard, president of
MCI Mass Markets, WorldCom Inc.


Competitive Enterprise

Covad Communications

Small Business Survival Committee checking
on this one Verizon Communications Inc.

Worldcom Inc.


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