RingCentral’s Long: Customers Demand Partners Provide UCaaS

Cloud UC

… greater efficiencies, greater quality call, certainly access to the APIs or utilization of and other services that these customers use.

So that value proposition is clearly driving customers to come to their partners, their partners being their trusted advisers … So the combination of all those things is clearly where we’re seeing that growth year over year and quarter over quarter.

CP: In the market, there’s the demand for UC and demand for UCaaS. Are you seeing much transfer of the UC side moving to UCaaS?

ZL: We do. Just look at the environment that we’re in. You or I saying we’re going to give up our iPhones and we’re going to go back to a pager? I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think we like the fact that we can carry this little device and it gives us so much power. In the software world in the UCaaS space, we get all of these incredible benefits, and it’s why there’s a transformation from premises-based into the cloud, no question about it. It’s the evolution, the new world of where we’re all heading and what we already are experiencing.

The customer is saying, “I want greater efficiency. I want a better value proposition. A I want greater call quality.” All of those things are customer-driven activities. So what that means in the channel community is, when you think about the ShoreTel-Mitel, Cisco and Avaya partners who spent the last 30 years-plus in the premises-based world, this is a new world to them, and we are working very closely in our recruitment efforts of those kinds of partners, giving them an avenue to bring their customers into the UCaaS space so that they can take advantage of that; otherwise, they’re going to lose those customers if that partner will not introduce them or bring them to the UCaaS side of the house. And we’re seeing that happen. It’s kind of like the motivation is either pain or gain, and I’d rather be a gain for the partner because the pain means they lost a customer to someone else that they could have sold.

CP: It sounds like there’s a lot of need for increased hustle out there with hungry competitors, and if partners don’t stay on top of things, someone else will slip in and take their deals.

ZL: It’s happening every day and for a multitude of reasons. Either that particular premises-based partner doesn’t understand, they do understand and don’t believe, they believe they still have time, [and/or] they’re relying on their maintenance agreements to carry the day, and no customer likes a maintenance agreement. There [are] no maintenance agreements with software, so the customers get what we give them — and that’s all there is.

It’s something we’ve been after for two years, and we’re making great progress, and as the true consultant we like to be, we’re helping those partners understand the why. So we are having great success in converting these ShoreTel-Mitel, Cisco and Avaya-type partners to our world so they can understand how …

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