Posted: 06/2002

News Briefs

Wholesale wireless broadband network provider
SkyRiver Communications Inc. has added several new resellers to its San Diego-affiliate distribution program, including Southern California T1, Global Internet and Pacific Centrex. SkyRiver offers symmetrical bandwidth at 1.5mbps and 2.5mbps at retail rates up to 50 percent below comparable T1 offerings. The resellers complement SkyRiver’s other distributors, which have offered broadband access service to San Diego businesses in UTC, La Jolla, Kearney Mesa, Mission Valley, El Cajon, Santee and parts of downtown San Diego since November 2001. SkyRiver recently launched service in the greater Ontario, Calif. market; additional markets in California will be launched during the second and third quarters.

* Wholesale broadband service provider
New Edge Networks Inc. has turned up service in 28 additional major metropolitan areas in the eastern and western United States using the network it acquired recently from bankrupt At Home Corp. Many national carriers use New Edge Networks for broadband transport or access in small and midsize cities. The carrier’s offering includes a range of managed XDSL access methods as well as T1, fractional DS3 through OC12, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet services. New Edge Networks can deliver fractional DS3 service in three megabits per second increments up to 45mbps.

Covad Communications separated its wholesale sales from its direct sales this spring with the creation of Covad Wholesale, which is headed up by company co-founder Chuck Haas, who says the initiative and his appointment as executive vice president and general manager signal the company’s ongoing commitment to the channel.

* Inc. has signed an agreement with Allegiance Telecom Company Worldwide to offer nationwide T1 service called NETgain-T, which was scheduled for rollout in May. now can offer high-speed broadband to customers that have not been able to buy DSL due to their proximity to a CO. In addition, NETgain-T’s bandwidth capabilities will allow to offer companies VPN services.

Inter-Tel.NET has deployed the XACCT Technologies Inc. Network-to-Business (N2B) Platform as a component of its worldwide wholesale network of VoIP services that will be rolled out globally with PoPs in China, Hong, Kong, Japan, Mexico and the United States. The N2B Platform will gather detailed data and synthesize actionable business information from network devices, including the
Cisco Systems Inc. AS5300s and AS5800s. Inter-Tel.NET’s products and services include phone-to-phone long-distance services for international wholesale carriers, business-to-business customers, prepaid calling card distributors and enhanced services for phone-to-phone, PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC long-distance calling.

Touch America Inc. says it expects to be first to implement OPTera Connect HDX Optical Switches from Nortel Networks, based on an agreement announced this spring. Touch America plans to deploy OPTera Connect HDX at sites within its network to enable “on demand” service. Touch America provides customized voice, data and video transport, as well as Internet services to wholesale and business customers. The company’s 23,000-mile, fiber-optic network will span 26,000 miles, cross 40 states and reach more than 140 major cities this year.


Allegiance Telecom Company Worldwide

Cisco Systems Inc.

Covad Communications Inc.


New Edge Networks Inc.

Nortel Networks

SkyRiver Communications Inc.

Touch America Inc.

XACCT Technologies Inc.


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