Posted: 12/2002

News Briefs

* UNE-P reseller Z-Tel
Technologies Inc.
has expanded its local and long-distance service for
businesses, Z-LineBUSINESS, to nine new states. Tested in Illinois since October
2001, Z-Tel now also offers Z-LineBUSINESS in California, Florida, Georgia,
Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, representing nearly
14 million businesses.

Z-LineBUSINESS combines Z-Tel’s own
Web-enhanced services with calling and messaging features. It offers local and
long-distance services, custom calling features, toll-free services, rotary
hunting and access to Z-Tel’s proprietary business productivity suite, the
Business Communication Center, which includes enhanced calling and messaging
services. The Business Communication Center incorporates features such as
Internet-accessible voicemail; multiple-number call forwarding; message
notification via e-mail, cell phone or pager; and a calling card on each
mailbox. Later this year, customers also will have access to advanced voice
services, such as Virtual Receptionist, voice Virtual Private Network (VPN) and
Web-based conferencing.


* Broadband service provider New
Edge Networks Inc.
announced the appointment of Richard P. Pucci Sr. as vice
president of national account sales. Pucci will oversee business broadband sales
through national carriers, Internet service providers, agents, government
agencies and enterprise customers. Pucci was formerly the Western region vice
president for Digex Inc. In his prior 22-year telecommunications career, Pucci
held executive positions with Winstar LLC, AT&T Global Sales, Cable and
Wireless U.S.A. and LCI International Inc. He also held positions with Western
Union Holdings Inc., Federal Express Corp. and TRT Telecommunications Corp.

* Via a co-branded relationship with
Integrated Data Concepts Inc.
(IDC), broadband telecom provider TelePacific
has launched TelePacific Connect, a free, secure online
source for scheduling, initiating and managing audio conference calls. It uses
ordinary phone lines and telephones, and any business, organization or
individual can use it. The only costs are regular local or long-distance rates
paid to his or her carrier for the phone call itself. There is no need for
special equipment, or for disclosing credit card or billing information. This
summer, IDC announced the release of, the basis for
TelePacific Connect.’s Web-scheduled service guarantees
reservations of conferences with up to 32 callers. The reservationless service
accommodates up to 96 callers for as long as six hours.

* PowerNet Global Communications
celebrated its 10th year in business in October with the completion of
its new 60,000 square-foot corporate facility in Fairfield, Conn. PNG offers
nationwide long distance, high-speed Internet and data services to nearly a half
million commercial and residential accounts. It began life in 1992 as a small
long-distance reseller. Now the private corporation employs more than 225 people
at its headquarters, and more than 75 in other locations across the country.


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